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Straight from the grave......


Gravestone t-shirts, posters, prints, and other unique creations!


These  original images are actual photographs of real gravestone art, primarily from New England. They include all unique characteristics, flaws, and signs of weathering time. From the 1600s and 1700s they represent Colonial ideas of life and death. That life is short. Death is eternal. You can now get these 300 year old carved images on prints to frame in your home or on clothing to express your love for old graveyards. Wear your t-shirt as a reminder to enjoy life, to honor history, and to give voice to those whose time has passed.


Meaning Behind the Art:

These macabre images were very common in Colononial times because the Puritans disliked visual representations of religious themes like crosses, angels and saints. They instead used skulls, bones, and coffins as reminders that you'd better be good because you never knew when death would come calling.


Why us?

At Stone Cold Images, we are proud of our work. These are not drawings. These are actual photographs converted to black and white. Not your typical mall t-shirt. Our t-shirts are printed by a company that guarantees no sweat shops were used. Also, our work does not involve any grave rubbings. We know some great people who do rubbings with expertise and care......we just believe in leaving that up to those experts! We believe in preserving these fragile markers of history, these sacred burials of the dead, these reflections of times long gone.


We hope you enjoy our work and check back often for new creations!

Memento Mori.


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